Walnut Cove: photo shoot for LGB Interiors

I recently was assigned by LGB Interiors to photograph a townhouse in Walnut Cove, located in Asheville, North Carolina.   Linda Burnsides, owner of LGB Interiors has been a client of mine for over 15 years.   I love working with Linda; she is a well-known interior designer who designs projects throughout the Southeast.   Linda is great to work with; we understand what each other wants to do on photo shoots.  I love photographing interiors due to the details involved.  Interior design photography gives me opportunities to highlight compositional skills, light interiors for dimension, and obtain portfolio samples.   I have included two of my favorite photos from our Walnut Cove photo shoot.

About The Thinking Photographer

I have been a photographer for over 35 years. My photography interests include nature, architectural and interior design, and fine art imagery. I enjoy helping students learn about photography and the business of becoming a successful photographer. Currently I am the president of the ASMP South Carolina Chapter.
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