Spring Sun

Everyday the weather warms a little more as the sun moves towards the summer solstice.   The late-spring sunrises awaken me earlier each morning.  My morning routine usually starts with a cup of coffee, letting in the cat for his early morning feeding, and checking on the status of my flowers.   All around the house are beds of day lilies, dahlias, asters, sunflowers, tomatoes, and coleus.  I love to photograph flowers; but in a different way.  I love the architecture of the flowers with the colors, textures, and structures of the plant taking center stage.   What photographer doesn’t want his photography to be unique?  I try to look at a flower or plant with a fresh perspective.  I always drift toward the abstract as I marvel at each botanical creation.   I hope you enjoy the early photos of the season.

About The Thinking Photographer

I have been a photographer for over 35 years. My photography interests include nature, architectural and interior design, and fine art imagery. I enjoy helping students learn about photography and the business of becoming a successful photographer. Currently I am the president of the ASMP South Carolina Chapter.
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