Too many turns, not enough rainbows

I was doing great, rolling along  I-40 when I round a curve to see red taillights by the hundreds.   Another backup on the interstate.  To top it off, it was raining too.  This particular  road trip was taking me to Asheville for an assignment on the uses of gas lamps. At least I had plenty of time to arrive at my assignment because I always build in extra time when traveling to take in consideration the interstates will be crowded.

Soon, my vehicle went from a slow crawl to a dead stop.  Must have been a bad wreck ahead because we weren’t going anywhere,  anytime soon.   I welcomed the stop because I was getting tired of riding my brakes every ten feet before stopping again.   At first, frustration came on and I thought about how my schedule was now going to get thrown out the window.  I turned off the radio and windshield wipers to hear the rain on the roof of my truck.   That will calm my mind I know.

Staring through a rain soaked windshield,  the scenery in front of me takes on the muted look of a impressionist painting.   Red taillights, rolling hills, and the blueness of rain all combine to become a soothing landscape.  It’s another reminder to never be suprised what we see in life.  My sense of frustration has transformed into peaceful bliss.  I looked out my side window and while staring at the wet road I thought how lucky I am.  I get to make a living doing what I love and enjoy the challenges  each assignment brings.  I thought about the car ahead of me-who are those folks, and where are they going?  Are they frustrated or happy?  Do they get a chance to do what they love?

There’s movement up ahead.  Our back-up is ending and soon I and my fellow travelers  zoom off to where we are headed.  The time for bliss is over; let’s get back to the real world.  An hour before sunset,  I am a block from my destination and turn onto the street my GPS instructs me.  I’m on the right street I think,  but can’t find my photo destination.  A steady rain returns and it’s getting darker too.  I frantically run down the street looking for my location and hope I find a person to ask for directions.  No such luck finding a guide to lead me to the right place.  I call the hotel where the gas lamps are located and the desk clerk tells me their location is on the east side of the street block instead of the west side where I currently stand.  I cross the street and finally arrive at my location for the photo shoot.

I need the rain to stop though.  It doesn’t look good scanning the horizon and seeing dark rain clouds forming.  I remember some phrases my pastor has shared with me when I’m frustrated, and decide that the rain doesn’t matter anymore.  I can’t control the rain, so I let it go.  I will take whatever I am given; rain or shine.  Five minutes later a beautiful rainbow appears in the sky.    What a day.

About The Thinking Photographer

I have been a photographer for over 35 years. My photography interests include nature, architectural and interior design, and fine art imagery. I enjoy helping students learn about photography and the business of becoming a successful photographer. Currently I am the president of the ASMP South Carolina Chapter.
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