Robert Clark was introduced to photography in 1974.   Since that time, thousands of Robert’s photos have appeared in books and magazines.   A native of North Carolina, Robert now calls South Carolina home.   Robert’s photography career started with a  staff photography position  at South Carolina Wildlife Magazine. Robert’s photographic specialties include tourism, architecture, interior design, and editorial.   Robert is the current president of the South Carolina Chapter of ASMP.

2 Responses to About

  1. Bucky says:

    Your February 22, 2010 posting about Little Chicago was interesting. I recently sought it out as part of a motorcycle tag game, where the idea is to find a place where another poster has taken a photo of his bike, and take a photo of your bike in the same location.

    When did you visit there?

    I will be posting an entry in my blog, Bucky’s Ride, soon. Interestingly, the clouds on the day I visited were very much like those during your visit.

    May I repost your photo of Boomer Williams, with attribution?



    • Rick: I visited Little Chicago around 1995 for the photo shown. I heard that the sign might be in bad shape due to no one taking care of it anymore. I would like to visit again one day on my travels. You can use Bloomer’s photo in your post. Thanks, Robert

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